VInciya PandianGlobal Tracheotomy Collaborative

    A member of the Global Tracheotomy Collaborative, Vinciya Pandian is internationally known for her clinical expertise in improving the care, safety, and quality of life of tracheostomy patients. Her primary scientific work, funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research (R01NR017433), focuses on identifying signs and symptoms of laryngeal injury post-extubation in the intensive care unit. In addition to ICUs, her research expands to the community (cities of Baltimore and Aberdeen) and global settings (Nigeria). Dr. Pandian is passionate about educating care providers on the best multidisciplinary approaches to improving outcomes of critically ill patients. She has served as a director of practice, education, and research for the Johns Hopkins Airway Program that including the Tracheostomy and Difficult Airway Response Programs. She also served as the associate director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice-Executive Program, director of the Research Honors Program, president of the Sigma Nu Beta at-large chapter, and President of the Society of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Nurses. She is currently the Assistant Dean for Immersive Learning and Digital Innovation. Her entrepreneurial work surrounds developing, implementing, and evaluating various products and programs. Dr. Pandian earned a bachelor’s degree in nursing at Christian Medical College in Vellore, India; master’s and Ph.D. degrees at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing; and an MBA at the University of Baltimore.