Eugene ShostakNew York Presbyterian Hospital

    My life passion has been to establish a state of the art complex airway, lung and pleural center that would serve as a regional and national referral center for patients with a wide range of advanced thoracic and pleural disorders. I am fortunate to join the Thoracic Surgery division at New York Presbyterian Hospital in the development of an interventional pulmonology program and join the team of thoracic surgeons, interventional radiologists, pulmonologists, oncologists and radiation oncologists in delivering high quality patient care through multidisciplinary approach. In interventional pulmonology we utilize the latest advances in technology to offer our patients minimally invasive options for the diagnosis and treatment of their disease. Since interventional pulmonology is a relatively new but rapidly growing field, many physicians may not be fully aware of all the available treatment options that exist for their patients. My goal is to advance the knowledge of interventional pulmonology in the community through educational seminars and procedure workshops. I also closely collaborate with device industries in advancing medical technology through clinical trials. By incorporating my prior training in pulmonary and critical care medicine together with my procedural skills in interventional pulmonology, I aim to provide patients with maximum options for diagnosis and treatment of their disease and deliver best quality care.