Joseph CiceniaCleveland Clinic
Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy

    Dr. Cicenia is an Interventional Pulmonologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the Director of Bronchoscopy for the Cleveland Clinic West Region and Director of Pleural Procedures at the Cleveland Clinic Main Campus. Prior to the Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Cicenia did his Pulmonary/Critical Care fellowship at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan and was a full-time academic faculty member for 10 years. His research interests include bronchoscopic volume reduction, lung nodule evaluation, and optimizing advanced diagnostic techniques for pulmonary nodules. Dr. Cicenia has delivered many invited lectures and presentations and has authored numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals. He is an elected board member of the American Association of Bronchoscopy and has served on the AABIP credentialing committee, and is co-chair of the Advanced Diagnostic Bronchoscopy sessions at the 2022 AABIP Annual Conference